08 January 2009

Hello Everyone here is the start.....

So tonight I went to my Wednesday night quilt gathering and got started on this little project...the ladies were quite interested in the whole blogging stuff and I think I may have a few new victims....yes I swirled the magic having so much fun and a little of the bloggers abrah cadabrah and now they want to come and play with us....Hummmm do I want to share you guys oh ok I will.....Sharing is Caring..lelelala...So like I said back at the beginning of this project I want to start with Christmas because I'm still in the mood humming jingle bells and have the Christmas smelly candles still going ...I think if my home smells like pine trees much longer my hubby may pull out the gun and go hunting and I feel this big target on my bottie.....Well god bless and have a good night..and again as always thank you for being here for me.....Lani


rachel griffith said...

tell your friends to come on in!!!
i'll take sign ups until we reach 100...because i can only have 100 co-authors on this blog.

watch your bootie!!!

Kritta22 said...

I still have my Christmas tree up. My husband brought in the boxes last night...hint??