27 February 2009

Just a little behind...

Hi everyone,

Well I've finally got around to posting about my progress.

I have January all done, and still catching up on February! I'll make sure I set aside some time tomorrow to finish it off.

I'm still deciding on what to do for March?? Any ideas?

Squares for January, Strips for February... but I'm stuck. I was thinking maybe a block of triangles in some kind of design. I'm not really a fan of triangles, but I do love the way they look once done.

Or a log cabin block, where I can add a strip each day...

Not sure, so I think it'll take some serious thinking about! Lol, not too hard though. Maybe I'll just do them both, and get April done while I'm at it!

Best wishes,

What Happened???

So I better first introduce myself.
My name is Tara and I live in Salt Lake City.
I have 3 crazy boys and a wonderful hubby.
I have been quilting for close to 8 years and love every minute I can squeeze in
I prefer hand applique, but I have a fondness for piecing

I had completely forgotten about doing this until I started rearranging my blog layout.

UGH!! And to top it off my sewing machine is in the repair shop
I hit a needle and hopefully nothing major has happened - here's for hoping!

I will start working on this as soon as I get my machine back,
in the meantime I have many UFO's that require some attention with handwork

You ladies are doing an AMAZING job so far.

26 February 2009

Two months done, ten to go

I finished February a couple days early, and even figured out how to put a slanted book at the end of the shelf for the short month.  (It's partially hidden behind Cosmo who's glad I've stopped sewing for now and disturbing his sleep.)  Miracle of miracles, it came out just right, the same length as January!  Woot!  

(And honest, I did press and trim them up nice and straight.  The not-so-sticky tape was slipping on January's left side.)

--Karen, a.k.a. otterdaughter & diesel.doll

Last Minute Lucy

That's me...Last Minute Lucy! Actually it's Lindsey from Five Healthy Hearts.

I haven't worked on my calendar challenge until today! Yep, that means that I haven't done January yet....well...maybe I have, but the results were not what I had hoped for...I will need to do a little shopping for Jan. All these fabrics are from my stash and I'm pretty happy about it. This is the first warmish day here in Georgia so I took advantage of the natural light. I'm pleased! Today is my birthday and so I gave myself the gift of quilting...something I wanted to do today. And it's not even noon yet!

Live this day like it was your last!

25 February 2009

Feb Done!

My Update.
Feb is done. Will begin Mar with a strip from a fat I will pick up at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton Va this Sunday, Mar 1!

I tried to figure the strips width so it would come out same size as Jan, so did pretty good!
Can't believe it is 2 months done already!!
Goodness is time flying by or what!!

23 February 2009

February so far....

....is a brown and pink month.

I don´t think this is the world´s most beautiful quilt but it means a lot to me. Each strip is from a project I worked on that day or sometimes that week. Tomorrow I will start a new project and then there will be a little bit more green and light blue....and more pink.
You can visit my blog for pictures, I will post about that project tomorrow.

I will add some stitcheries to my calender too, they are not finished yet, but on their way....

Take care,


So this is January and February side by side. I wanted to journal with marker, but am not liking the looks of it, so for those squares I might replace them with new ones, of the same fabric of course! I am enjoying all this. Hope everyone has a good day!! I have got 3 out of 6 people in my house throwing up :O(

22 February 2009

Hello everyone!

Thanks for the welcome Rachel and for allowing me to join your group late!
I am looking forward to this project and tried to catch up a couple of nights ago. I made it up to February 14 so far. Here is a photo for you:

21 February 2009


If you happened to see the last post about "spotting orange..." and didn't understand it?? It was supposed to be posted to my main blog...

You can click here to see what I was talking about..

Please accept my apology for clicking into the wrong blog...

Happy Sewing,

February 21 - UFOs and February Done!

Hi all! I've been busy the past two weeks completing two quilts and working on two new projects as well as catching up with this quilt. I promised you pictures, so here we go:

I decided after organizing my sewing room that I needed to finish up some UFOs to make room for new projects. First one done is my Underground Railroad Quilt. This UFO was started in 2006 when I was teaching the class in the local quilt shop. Things didn't work out and I left the job and never finished it, but I did collect all the kits. I was able to print the "story" block onto fabric to make the 16th block of the quilt. Not sure if you can read it, but it looks great! even if I do say so myself.

My second quilt is a floral dresden plate made by my friend Michelle that I bartered quilting jobs for because I just loved the colors! I finally got around to quilting it. Once I put it on my bed I decided I needed new window valences to match (the green check I currently have just doesn't work). So back to the quilt shop for more fabric. (Actually I called the shop and sent hubby with a swatch to be sure. He works a couple blocks from the shop and I saved gas and had time to quilt. Will visit the shop later when I have more time.) I'll get the new valences made, hopefully, this week.

In doing all the organizing in January, I decided that the kids cross-stitched birth annoucements had been hanging long enough (my youngest is now 16) and I don't even cross stitch anymore. So I came up with the bright idea of making quilted tablerunners and wall hangings for a section of wall at the top of the stairs as you enter the front door. I started out the week thinking I was going to work on my pumpkin tablerunner and wallhanging set. I got all the fabric cut and started piecing, fusing, and blanket-stitching.

Then I got a phone call from my good friend Miss Betty, a fiesty lady 25 years my senior whom I began teaching to quilt back in 2006. Last October we were shop-hopping together and picked up a cardinal wall hanging kit with the idea of getting them done in time to hang for christmas... needless to say, we never got started!. She reminded me that I promised to help her get it done, so away went my pumpkin tablerunner and we spent several hours a day this week cutting and piecing and fusing and blanket-stitching. It's not complete yet but here are some of the blocks so far.

Then lastly, I cut all the strips I needed to complete my February calendar block and sewed them all together. I still haven't decided exactly how I'm going to put this thing together, so I keep sewing 7 strips per week together. Unfortunately, when I took this picture, I realized that January has 31 days, not 30 days, so I'm debating if I should rearrange a few strips and add the extra "white" January day in or just leave it as is. I've been trying to blend from one shade to the next as I go through the weeks. Then when I went from white in Jan to red in Feb my last Jan block is a white with a maroon red print. My last Feb block is red with some green in it so I can change to green for March and St. Patrick's Day. It's a plan of sorts.

Hope you are all staying busy and enjoying quilting! I know I am!


20 February 2009

new team member.

hey yall.

please welcome our newest team member...


i just wanted to share a project that i actually completed. as i posted pictures on my blog i noticed how my border is a bit "off" centered so i thought i'd ask you all for some tips.....

how do you all mark your quilts when you are machine quilting?


what type of batting are you using?

the other pictures on on my blog so feel free to take a look and if any of you have some suggestions on my questions feel free to let me know!

thanks for the help!!


January done, February half way

It's good I have a daughter who reminds me that I've joined the Calendar Quilt Challenge 2009. So last Sunday I did an up date. January is now done with the stripes and I still want to do some stitchery and maybe applique.

I started February. The 14th has a ribbon that Karen used, to wrap my apron for the Sassy Flirty Apron Swap. The tea pots I've had for ages and can finally be used.

Have a happy weekend!

19 February 2009

totally off subject.

i know this is totally off subject.
but i'm hoping yall will understand.

please go to my blog and read today's post.

just trust me.
it's about babies in need.
i'm not just trying to generate blog traffic or anything.

thank you.

Mel's Calendar Quilt

So, here is my quilt to this point.

I thought it would be fun to applique a primitive flower to the top of the strip panel I have thus far.

I also scalloped the bottom of a set of strips and appliqued them in place. I did this twice because I didn't like the fabric I had appliqued them to the first time. I'm happy with it now (as pictured).

OK, well, I think I'm caught up to the end of February.

I love this project and have had many compliments from friends and family who've seen me working on it!

Have a CREATIVE day!!

18 February 2009

6a00d8341c976153ef01116839ec6b970c-pi (JPEG Image, 145x165 pixels)

6a00d8341c976153ef01116839ec6b970c-pi (JPEG Image, 145x165 pixels)

YIPPEE ... February is Done

YAY!!! February is Done!! WooHoo! I am so excited to see the months coming together and i think this quilt is definitely going to be a wild one! That may just be what it is named "Wild One". It will definitely be plenty big and just a fun quilt!
Hope you are having a great week!!!

15 February 2009

Here's January

Here is my completed Jan. & the start of Feb. Besides the seasons, I'm a full moon nut so going to be sure to include a moon stip every month. annmarie

14 February 2009

attn: annmarie

attn: annmarie
please email me from an actual email address.

i got your email this morning, but i can't get back to you.
you are a 'no reply' blogger.
and when i click on your profile it's a dead end.

i wanna be able to answer you question.
but this is the only way i know to reach you.

email me at:

attn: northern knitter...
i still haven't heard from you.
please see THIS post.

to everyone else...
happy valentine's day yall!!!

Sweet Day

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone.
I just had to show you all this fabric I found. I am going to use it on today's strip for my calendar quilt. Looks good enough to eat.
Have a Sweet Day, Carrie P.

Playing Catch-up

Still here. While I've been keeping up with all the wonderful progress everyone is making, I've been very slack with my own calendar quilt. So today I made up for about the last three weeks.

I'd had some fabrics picked out from my stash so I got to cutting and sewing and there was January all finished. Just some embroidery on certain dates now and the month on the top brown strip.
Then ...

This is February up to date. The seventh fabric (cream) is the backing for a quilt for my SIL's birthday on the 7th ... the thirteenth fabric (orange) is the backing for a wall hanging for my nephew's birthday on the 13th ... and of course red with bunches of white flowers for Valentine's Day.

I'm enjoying seeing all the wonderful quilts in the making and clever ideas fellow calendar quilters are coming up with. Hope I can keep up a little better than I have been but atleast it's quick to catch up.

13 February 2009

Valentines Day

Caught Up for February!

I just wanted to pop in and show my February section started ~ and up to date! I've posted on my blog more details and pictures of mine and a friend's January sections. I had a little visitor yesterday who helped me pick strips and got me all caught up for the month. I've even organized strips to add on through the OP Challenge on Feb 20 - 22nd! (See link on my blog or Pat Sloan's site for more info on that.) Mine is definitely going to be "interesting" when finished, I seem to run the gamut from brights to reproductions.
Enjoy the day!
~ Dawn

12 February 2009

Cam's (and mom) first Feb Brick

My little guy finished another block in his calendar quilt. He likes this one because it has a tag off his dad's shorts. I don't think this tag is 100% cotton but I think it will be ok.

Remember my little guy is six years old and quite enjoying this project!


Pinks and Reds

I just finished my February block from Ellie's. I have the first strips sewn together and will add the other days to the side of the block as they come along. I am really enjoying this process and it really does get me to my sewing machine a little more often. Thanks, Rachel!
With Passion, Carrie P.

February Is On Track!

Stitchery/Appliqué finished: Check.

One new fabric added per day: Check.

Pretty in pink quotient (not necessarily evident in the poorly lit picture): DOUBLE check.

Tomorrow is Mr. Wonderful's birthday (one with a zero at the end!!), Saturday's our anniversary. It looks like I'll continue to intersperse strips in between my itty squares (okay, sorta squares) so I can write in these important dates!

11 February 2009

Attn Quilters: Everything Must Go Sale

Hey y'all,
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Evrything Must

Rachel Wants to see Progress...........

Here you go Rachel!!  haha 

 I'm doing 1" strips and sewing 10 in a block.  As you can see I have 9 blocks.  So, I'm a bit ahead.  However, only 3 of the blocks are quilted and ready to put together.  The rest are still early in the process.  I'm still not sure how I'll put this together yet.

is this thing on???

is this thing on???

no one has posted in a few days...
so i'm just checking in on yall!!!

show us some progession pics!!!

08 February 2009

Lots of blocks!

I'm keeping up! It's been so hot here in Australia that it's a bit tricky to sit still behind the sewing machine, but I'm up to date with my little blocks.

So far I have even managed to stick to blues and browns. Mostly I've been cutting out the pieces during the week, then chain sewing 7 at a time together on the weekend.

Soon I'll start joining them together as nine patches. Hooray!

07 February 2009


It has been a lot of fun working on my calendar quilt. January has been done for about a week but didn't get around to posting. I'm not sure you can see the whole month, especially the beginning. I'm not real experienced with a camera. I think the next time I will hang it up instead of laying it on the table before taking pictures. I am choosing my fabrics according to what is going on that day. If it snows I used snow fabric, white or blue with snowflakes. For birthdays I used the birthday person's favorite color. I used Christmas fabric up until January 8th cause technically we are still celebrating. When my older daughter was young she always wanted the tree left up till her birthday on the 8th, something we still do today. The Steeler fabrics are the last two games that sent us to the Super Bowl. I also wrote the other team's name and the final score on the fabric. I had originally planned on using my computer for writing on the fabric, which is how I usually make my labels, however, after giving it much thought I realized that if my mom had made me a quilt like this I would be extremely disappointed if she didn't put her own hand writing on it. As you can see in the first picture, I have January done for all four quilts. They are almost exactly the same, just minor differences due to adjustments. I haven't sewn down the appliques yet, that will be done when I decide how I'm setting the whole quilt together. I hope you are all having as much fun as I am working on your quilts.
Happy Quilting,

February all caught up!

OK so I got off on a bit of a slow start for February. But that's ok, I am all caught up now. It seems like this week has been a full month long! The things that your brain goes through in just 7 days when you find out there is about to be a life changing event in the family! Wow! Anyway, here is my updated (unless we are past Feb 7 and I've really lost my mind) February. I'm making it as a separate block from January! Sorry, it isn't the best picture I've taken so far, but you get the idea! ~Shelly~

Calendar Quilt Challenge '09

I started my calendar quilt with a bit of catching up to do. Now I am into February and have only two days to catch up on. Just call me "Catch up Miss Nancy" and I don't even like ketchup. I am making my Calendar Quilt with 2 1/4 inch by 6 1/2 inch strips of scraps, each month will have its own color. Then I am fusing a piece of muslin on the scrap for a certain day making note of an event for that day, such as the inauguration of the president. I will try to attach two pictures for my January calendar so you can see what I am attempting to describe.

Goodbye , January

Jan Calendar Challenge A good idea is a good idea (thank you, Carrie)! January's mega-block is finished and trimmed to 9½ x 36".

The appliqué and stitchery is the January block from Ellie's Quiltplace Country Calendar BOM.

Woot! Kinda like two BOM's in ONE!!

All of the strips are from my scrap bag - literally a brown paper bag that sits on the floor within arm's reach of my sewing machine. The only design guidance I allowed myself was to stick to blues, purples and greens for this month.

...and I'm pretty sure that it's not nearly as rainbow-shaped as it appears, though the striped strip does smile a bit!

Jan Challenge Detail
Special dates include my grandson's first date, my little dog's birthday and the inauguration of our new president.

February has started with small squares, rather than strips. I'll probably incorporate strips later in the month. This month's block is up-to-date - the stitchery/appliqué is finished, the squares are sewn. Once it turns into something that's, uh, something, I'll share pictures!

06 February 2009

Time for Love!

It's the month of love, flowers and hearts!! all my FAVORITE things!!

I thought I'd share this fabric I saw.... perfect for your February Month! HERE at fabrics.com

So be sure you do a few strips every few days to keep up... I know you can do it!