02 February 2009

January strips and February started!

This is my February start.

And here is my month of January. I am doing each month separately and then deciding at the end on how to put them all together.

I hope to do more commenting this month. January sort of got away from me!
Happy quilting!


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Love the fabrics you've used. It's great. The fabric for February so far is awesome as well!

Tracy said...

Peggy, your January looks great. I'm treating each month individually, too. I'm not cutting consistent strip widths, so each month is likely to be a different length (and probably width, too!). After they're all done I can do some inventive sashing and bordering to get them all to fit together. I hope!

Tracy in SW WA

rachel griffith said...

VERY cute.
i'm doing individually too.

madakamom said...

Peggy, it looks great! I'm doing individual blocks too, but mine, at the moment, are weekly not montly. I can sash around each week and put them together into a month or I can sew the weeks together to make a month later and sash around that... who knows!


Deanna said...

january looks great and the hearts are perfect for the start of februay.

Simone de Klerk said...

This looks very pretty and I love your February start!