02 February 2009

January is FINISHED!

I finished sewing up January and have decided with what to start February--although I think I'll wait for the sneek peak of February's squares. This is how January turned out--I'll add sashings later to it. First here is the excel file that will be one page and later printed onto printable fabric to be merged into the back of the quilt. That way I'll have some record as to why I did what I did!

And....This is what the actual fabric square "block" looks like!
I've got the first couple of squares for February picked out, but I think I'll wait to start showing those just yet! This has been the neatest thing to see all the different applications and fabrics people are using for their first month! Anxious to see what this month brings for us!


Alviana said...

hi shelly, we meet again :)
and again... nice work!

rachel griffith said...

very cute shelly.

Carrie P. said...

Looks good. I like your calendar journal too. I am just writing my ideas in a small journal.

Deanna said...

shelly it's looking good!

Della said...

How clever you are! Love the journal too, am keeping one also.

Simone de Klerk said...

This looks very pretty, Shelly. I like the idea of you using a 'diary' for it. I think that's the real challenge!
Good luck with February (I'm still finishing January ...)