20 February 2009


i just wanted to share a project that i actually completed. as i posted pictures on my blog i noticed how my border is a bit "off" centered so i thought i'd ask you all for some tips.....

how do you all mark your quilts when you are machine quilting?


what type of batting are you using?

the other pictures on on my blog so feel free to take a look and if any of you have some suggestions on my questions feel free to let me know!

thanks for the help!!



madakamom said...

I use pantograms and a laser light or I just freestyle it.

I use fairfield polyester batting or warm and natural cotton depending on who it is for and how it's going to be used/cared for.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

I'm glad you asked the questions as I have no clue either. And as far as madakamom--I know what a pantogram is (at least what it was when I was in geometry); what do you do with a laser light--burn a hole in the centers? I know that's not what you do, but....
And you mean you don't use whatever batting is available at Wal-mart?

madakamom said...

The pantogram sits on a shelf above the quilt and machine and I use the laser light to follow the pattern and stitch everything together.

Wal-mart batting is fairfield brand but they don't always have the best price. Sometimes they have a bolt of warm and natural also, but again, they can't be counted on when i NEED it.

I was buying at HobbyLobby with their 40% off coupon which worked out cheaper than Wal-mart.

But, I was at a Gammil dealer when I went to a retreat in GA in October and stuffed a 30 yard roll of batting in the back of my van. Works out even cheaper buying such a large qty at once.