12 February 2009

February Is On Track!

Stitchery/Appliqué finished: Check.

One new fabric added per day: Check.

Pretty in pink quotient (not necessarily evident in the poorly lit picture): DOUBLE check.

Tomorrow is Mr. Wonderful's birthday (one with a zero at the end!!), Saturday's our anniversary. It looks like I'll continue to intersperse strips in between my itty squares (okay, sorta squares) so I can write in these important dates!


rachel griffith said...

okay your block is SUPER cute but all i could think about was that you called your hubby mr. wonderful.
that's awesome!!!

happy bday mr. wonderful.
and happy anniversary to yall.

Carrie P. said...

Looking good Tracey!

Tracy said...

LOL! I could call him Mr. Right, but he'd think that, instead of him being the right one for me, that meant that he is always right... Wonderful or not, I don't want to encourage that kind of delusion!


Deanna said...

looking so good!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Tracy it is looking good. Happy Birthday to Mr. Wonderful and Happy Anniversary to you as well! ~Shelly~