01 February 2009

Alviana's Intro and My January Quilt

Hi everyone!

I'm Alviana from Malaysia, and i'm the newest newcomer in this challenge. Thanks Rachel for letting me in even though it's a bit too late. And thanks to Diah Rothman, her blog is where i found the link to this challenge. And thanks for everybody who have been inspire me to join u guys. I'm so excited!

Ok. Actually this is my first quilt. i never quilt before. So, there's million of things i have to learn from u guys. Well, i have a lot of catch up to do in this February. I have start makin my belated January quilt. Here's a pic of it:

I use my fabric scraps which mostly is silk, satin, batik & etc.

Can i use silk to quilt?
That's all i have with me now. I know there was a specific fabric for quilt which not as silky as silk. I plan to buy it some in the future.

One more thing, why are my seam line is not as straight as urs? And why the width is not even? Is it because of the fabric?
Well i think, for now, the quilt is still acceptable for a first-timer like me right :)


Ya Chun said...

Beautiful fabrics!

My guess is that the fabric is the reason your seams are wavy.

We use 100% cotton here in the US, but that might be too warm for you in Malaysia! I tried making a small quilt with satins, and it was difficult, but it is also a different style, so your quilt can be more 'loose'!

Stacey said...

you should also press your seams with an iron after you sew them

DiahRothman said...

Congratulations Alviana, glad you finally join us. You did a great start and we have a lot to talk about quilts.... see you soon, back home.

Nanabarb said...

I think the wavy lines add a special look to your block. I really like it.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

I think that Ya Chun is right that it is the fabrics. And there is nothing wrong with using the materials you have. That's part of the "requirements" to use fabric you have so you don't have to buy anything new. This is the first quilt for many of us--so don't worry about not knowing things--I don't either! I also agree with Stacey, iron your seams towards one fabric or the other (not open) after you sew them. Nana Barb is right,the wavy lines makes it look so pretty and different. I love the fabrics, the colors, and the wavy lines! Great start.

Deanna said...

keep up the good work! the colors are beautiful!!

otterdaughter said...

What beautiful and luminous fabrics! You can always stabilize the silks by sewing the pieces onto a piece of thin paper. It's called 'foundation piecing'.

The paper will help the seams stay straight and keep the silk from squirming around. You can leave the paper on until the whole quilt is assembled and then tear it off.

Just a suggestion! There's no strict rules, so if you like how it's going now, have at it!

Alviana said...

ya chun~ thanks. yup, i think cotton might be too warm. But cotton is the best fabric for quilting, i agree. for now, i stick with my "different style" :)

stacey~ thnx. i did press it actually

diah~ thnx. c u back home :)

nanabarb~ Thnx so much! :)

Shelly~ thx for the tips and lovely motivations :)

deanna~ thx :)

otterdaugther~ stabilize it with paper? great.. this is new to me. i will try it. Thanks for the wonderful suggestion :)

Auntie Jappa said...

Use wider than 'normal' seam allowances as silk will fray while you just LOOK at it! Otherwise, they look wonderful, gorgeous vibrant colours. Keep going...

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