04 February 2009


I have the chance to buy a Bernina 90e it's this, for $500, rarely been used, and i can split the amount up into 5 $100 payments. Is this a good deal? Please help me, I want a Bernina, but not sure how much they cost, the older lady said she paid over $700 or around. Thanks for the help!!


Deanna said...

i'm not up on bernina's (i use an older viking) but it looks like a nice machine. have you checked online? compared to what they would go for if it was new? do you have a local dealer that could give you an idea?

good luck! hope others can be more help then me!!

rachel griffith said...

i use husqavarna/viking.
my quilt shop down the street is a berina dealer though.

how old is the machine???
how often has she used it???
did she take care of it???
how much does it retail for NOW???

i would weight those options before making a decision.
and then, if you are comfortable, do it.