04 February 2009

Mel's CQC

WOHOOO! Yeah!!

I FINALLY got to work on my Calendar Quilt Challenge!

This picture is what I have so far, 34 strips which puts me right up to date! Until tomorrow . . . . mmm.

I have a box (and a basket) of just strips of all sizes. As I was going through them, I decided to use anything that would fit into an "Americana" theme.

I'm going totally scrappy. If it's not long enough, sew some together. Wide and thin? Throw 'em in!!

My plan is to sew it up in sections. The picture here would be one section. At the end of the year, I'll sew all the sections together.

I was also thinking of embroidering an event that happened during the month to one of the strips in each section. January would be that my 3 year old went skiing for the first time!

I think I might even do some rambling primitive flowers and vine applique, we'll see!

At this point it measures 50"X37 1/2" I have a feeling this is going to be one heckuva' quilt!

I'm so glad I am using the strips I've been collecting for years!! Honestly, I never really thought I'd use them! Being part of a group helps!


rachel griffith said...

that one block measures that???
at this rate you could make a whole quilt a month.


Deanna said...

love the color groupings you have picked.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Congrats on being up to date on your CQC! I wish I was. I stayed current to the end of January. Then…. Well let’s just say that I’ve been preoccupied with other things since then. I guess I better get back in the groove though or I’ll be trying to play catch-up for sure! Isn’t great to have this group to keep us on track and to be able to use all these scraps and stash we’ve had for ???? ~Shelly~