03 February 2009

off topic CRY FOR HELP!

Even though I grabbed some of the scraps from this quilt for my calendar quilt, I'm posting this off topic cry for help because with 90+ members of this group, I know y'all will have some great suggestions for me and quick!

Help!  I need to quilt this top very quickly tomorrow so I have thursday for the binding because it needs to be given as a gift on friday!

(I cut all the pieces saturday, assembled the blocks sunday, and pieced the top yesterday.  Today I pieced the backing, ironed it all, and I'm stretching my handy dandy B-Line frame (with HQ16) from it's usual 7' to 10' so it'll be big enough to load this quilt!)

The pattern is called 'Snapshots' from Atkinson Designs.  

I need suggestions on how to quilt this beast.  It's 82 x 94 (queen size) and the backing fabric (which I can't seem to get the picture to load) is a cream with a few longitudinal stripes of a reddish color.  I'm thinking something curvy since the design is so linear?

Please please please, lay those ideas on me!



rachel griffith said...

what if you just meander/stipple it???
it'll definitely do the pattern justice and shouldn't take you TOO long.

Nancy said...

I made two of these quilts for Christmas gifts last year. My long arm quilter did large loops on them. If you want a photo I can send you some close-ups.

Email me quilt@centurytel.net


Deanna said...

i would say stipple or big loops. stipple would be my first choice but i almost think that big loops might be quicker??

good luck!


otterdaughter said...

Thanks guys. I pulled out the white board and dry erase markers and practiced a large meander and some different kinds of loops.

The really big stipple looks the best to me, so I guess that's what's going on the quilt.

Thanks y'all!

Mel said...

Yes, I think circular is the way to go to offset the squares! Beautiful job!