08 February 2009

Lots of blocks!

I'm keeping up! It's been so hot here in Australia that it's a bit tricky to sit still behind the sewing machine, but I'm up to date with my little blocks.

So far I have even managed to stick to blues and browns. Mostly I've been cutting out the pieces during the week, then chain sewing 7 at a time together on the weekend.

Soon I'll start joining them together as nine patches. Hooray!


rachel griffith said...

haha i JUST commented your blocks on your blog...and bam...here they are again.

fabulous looking blocks.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

I love the way it looks! Can't wait to see when you start putting them all together. ~Shelly~

Carrie P. said...

Oh, I love them. They are all so great!

Deanna said...

looks wonderful! love the color combo