06 February 2009


Jan done!! Now Feb underway!! YES!

So far so good ..I have not used one repeat fab and still keeping to my color theme!

I go between shock and amazement on that one...I still have not even touched the fab closet yet but it is NEXT!!!

I am still just sewing up my strips/noodles and thinking on a finish. I did have a side thought(right now just a thought) .. in the same amount of time it takes me to cut/rip a small strip for this quilt I could do a longer strip then maybe JUST MAYBE do up some small quilts on the side for the small grands.!! Weeeeell sounds good in my head, we shall see how far it goes in reality ! I do have several projects in the works as it is !!!;-)

Love all the wonderful blocks being shown , would take any of them !!!So many neat and unique ideas being shared!!

Stitch On!! You all ROCK!!!!


Dragon's Dolphin said...

It looks great! I've got to get working on Feb. I've started being slack! Oh NO!!!! ~Shelly~

Tracy said...

I love your colors - very comfy-looking!

Great job!

rachel griffith said...

i love it...really love it.

like i might try to just steal yours instead of work on mine.