04 March 2009

Sorry I have taken so long to post

Well here is a picture of the strips I have gotten done..I thought that I seem to be moving right along I have marked where the month ends ...I still have some patches I want to add this really is fun....and i love that there is really no measuring skills...lol
And I really am a bit embarrassed that my poor little thing is so how do you say crooked....lol...but as we know it is the love I feel that matters....but seriously look at the others oh my gosh.so so so straight and well measured.....;-)....lol....well I just figure it really makes everyone else look fab!!!!!!

Love you all and your rulers......and note the material I added to the sides where I knew not what I did........and no I don't drink.....lol


rachel griffith said...

it's really cute.

here's a hint about the crookedness:
cut your strips about 2 inches longer than you want it to end up.
then at the end of the month, square it up.
you might have a little but of a curve somewhere, but it won't stand out as much.


otterdaughter said...

Who needs rulers? Wonky is in! Looking good, keep stitching!

Dawn said...

I love it! That's the neat thing about this project - no quilt police!

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