25 March 2009


everyone please welcome sandi to the team!!!
that gives us 96 team members!!!
that's awesome!!!

with march wrapping up soon, that puts us at 3 months and running!!!
i hope that yall are having as much fun as i am.
i can't wait to see what april has in store for us.


Dragon's Dolphin said...

OMG March is almost over and I haven't sewn the first piece for March yet! YIKES! I will have to play catchup VERY SOON!!!! Love the stuff I've been seeing here though for March. You all have been doing such great jobs--sorry I haven't been my normal "commenting" self lately. There just hasn't been enough time in the day to read AND comment here lately.

Sandi said...

Thanks for the welcome. I am like way late in getting going with this project. I have plenty of fabrics so that's not what's holding me up. I just had too many projects in the pot and some didn't get stirred up very well. I'm ready to cook now and am pulling fabrics this next few days that will help me make up the months I've missed.