04 March 2009

February is behind

I’m sorry, but I haven’t forgotten this challenge.  I will make a post about February during the weekend, I don’t think I will manage to finish it before that.  Now and then there isn’t enough hours to do all the things I plan.

How is it with you girls?  Do you have enough time to finish all you want?butikklogoHave a nice day.


otterdaughter said...

You must be joking!
I have trouble finding enough time in the day to take a _shower_ sometimes, much less finish all the books I want to read, recipes I want to try, gardens I'd like to start, and quilts I'd like to make!
No stress, no guilt trips from any of us. One of these days the house can just be put on ignore for the day, then you'll be able to have a little sewing fit and sew away.

madakamom said...

There are never enough hours in a day, week month to get everything I want to done! Silly me, I just counted and I have 8 projects going at once right now, and half of them are handwork, and I just signed up to do death by quilting too! I just figure I can't die for a long... long... time... till I get everything caught up! :<}