04 March 2009

rachel's block update.

so it finally dawned on me...
i haven't shown yall my blocks.
what was i thinking??? lol.
so without further ado...

my january block.

my february block.

and my march block.
{the first 12 days anyways.}

i'm a little ahead of the game...which is WAY better than me being behind!!!


Stacey said...

very nice, love the color themed!! I wish I had thought of that, but actually mine is growing on me. I told the hubby it is going to be the new couch blanket when I am done, it will be huge and the kids cannot argue about not having enough blanket, hehe!!

Joy McD said...

Oh wow! That looks great! I just love your colors.

I am soooo behind, and now we are going away for the weekend.. ack! I will catch up when we get back, I will....!


Dawn said...

Rachel, I love your thin strips, and your colors are wonderful! Thanks for sharing,
~ Dawn

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely colors and fabrics, Rachel!