05 March 2009

January thru March Complete!!!!

The first picture is of January and February side by side, and the second picture is of January on top of February, and March alongside. I can say I am loving this, and it is going to make one heck of a couch blanket for the family!!!

P.S. you might notice from picture one strips with writing on them, and picture two they are all gone, it's disappearing ink, no just kidding, I was not liking the look of the writing, so I replaced the strips with new ones, and I am learning how to embroider, or shall I say I have the stuff but have not started trying to teach myself, (if any of you know of great resources online, please let me know). I have 9 more months to learn and make this look right.


rachel griffith said...

they look great stacey!!!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Stacey, I think they look great! I am so behind on mine. I started out great guns and now I'm behind.