28 April 2009


This pinky square is for March. Not much of pink colour collections though, and some of them were sewn together to give some good strips. I am way behind, and catching up soon.

The month of April finished

Here is my version of my April quilt. I found some fabric that had Easter eggs on it so that is on the day that Easter came. I also found different fabrics with flowers on that them and when those actually bloomed in my yard is the day that I place them in the calendar.
This little bunny came from  Lollychops blog. During the weeks leading up to Easter she was doing lots of different crafts with some bunny outline drawings. She had them on her blog to download so I used one of them. She is a very crafty person and her blog is fun to read.
With Passion, Carrie P.

27 April 2009

I started a new challenge

I was working on my Calendar Quilt Challenge 2009 with strips and was half way March, but somehow it didn't feel good to me anymore.

Then I saw the 365 Challenge Quilt on Annelies' and Leanne's blog and her tutorial. Here are the fabrics that I chose for my new challenge:

and here are the first five days. This quilt somehow means more to me!

I'm glad Rachel still let me join in (O:

Have a lovely week full of happiness and sunshine!


22 April 2009

March Done and Dusted

March didn't take very long to sew together once all the strips were cut and pinned in weekly groups. The end of the month may have ended up a little bottom heavy with all those dark colours so I'll have to keep an eye on that when I get to the last of June.

I'm going to be putting my quilt together in four rows of three months so these three will form the first row. These are 10" wide so I'm thinking a 5" sashing between each row and 5" border all of the same fabric. Choosing that fabric could be interesting.

This has been very enjoyable so far and I'm looking forward to the end result.
It's also very interesting seeing all the other wonderful colours and ideas that everyone has. Please keep sharing.

15 April 2009

Happy April!

I've been MEANING to post for weeks now! I am SO IMPRESSED with how your projects are coming along and that you are keeping up.. woot woot!!!

The other day I un boxed MY calendar quilt ... back from Leisure arts.. so exciting to see it again!

I'll be in Chicago at the show Thurs-Sun.. I hope some of you will stop by!

Tip - do you stamp on your fabric? it's a great way to get a saying or an image you can't find already printed! This stamped piece was done by Cynthia for my creativity workshop in Atlanta. She gave me this section.. isn't it awesome!

Big hugs!!

08 April 2009

Calendar Quilt Challenge Update

Been a while. Had to get caught up.
Here it is so far.
I still will wait till near the end to decide if I split the rows for 2 quilts or how I will do the finished one!
I do not plan to ‘over think it’..if I can help it.
I do love how creative so many have been with their ‘blocks’!
Such fun to look at them and go..”why did I not think of that???!!!” ;-)

February Finally

I'm really dragging my boots, so to speak. Here are my February strips all sewn, trimmed and now safely put away.
I ended up unpicking Feb 14 (red strip) and adding in the extra tan with red hearts instead. Much happier now that 13 and 15 are separted.
I am also happy to report that all the strips for March are cut and, in order, in weekly blocks. So hopefully I can get to them soon.
Now . . . . April . . . .

07 April 2009

I'm about 300 days in....

Here's my update.  I haven't updated in awhile.  I'm about 300 days into this Calendar quilt challenge.  You know what that means?  Yep, I'm almost done.  I haven't decided how I'll finish out the remaining 65 days.  And I'm almost certain I'll put some type of border around it.  I like it so far, turned out just like I wanted.  Let me know what you all think.

03 April 2009

April is here!

Spring hasn't really arrived here (in SW Ontario, Canada) but my calendar quilt block for April is showing flowers! I am planning on using flower fabric, but keeping it mostly in yellow and green pastels... The photo shows what I have done so far.

02 April 2009

Mar Cal Chall March actually DID get finished in March, after a way late (March 25!) start.

My January block is really long (comparatively), so I wanted to stack February on top of March and have them emd up the close to the same length as January. Well, after I got going with February, I didn't have a lot of extra space!!

I got all 31 days in March by getting inventive with itty bitty free-form HSTs (half-square triangles). Fortunately, there were only two days that needed writing.

April's going to be a big long one like January. I haven't decided on the color scheme yet. So far all of the fabrics in the blocks are from my scrap bag. Hmmm... I wonder if I can come up with 30 yellows???

01 April 2009

Not behind any more

Just posting about being behind was enough motivation for me to get back in the sewing room and finish up March.  It only took me 30 minutes to catch up that week's worth, and that included fondling fabric a little when I was choosing my strips.

Y'all realize we're 1/4 done with our quilt top now?  Wow!Miracle of miracles, the 'shelves' are still all the same length, and I haven't planned it out ahead of time at all!

I hope this motivates all you other stragglers out there to find a few minutes and sew some strips or whatever together.


a bit behind

So I haven't added any book strips to my month since the 24th.  Somehow spending most of two days at the hospital with my mom takes a week to catch up from around the house.  Boy, are the quilting projects starting to pile up!

And mother nature is having her April fools day joke on us.  It was just starting to feel like spring this last weekend and today it is SNOWING in the rain.  We usually never have snow past mid February!  I'm running out of snowflake fabric to put in my calendar quilt!

Hope all your quilty calendars are doing better than mine!

April Fools Day

Congratulations to all who have completed their March blocks. I am sorry to say that I haven't even started my March block, except to dig out a pile of green fabrics to be cut and sewn. Then I got interrupted by church rummage sale, moving my daughter into her first apartment, hosting visiting relatives, caring for my parents and life in general... and of course, J.O.B. work. I believe I'm caught up for now and hope to get it done, as well as start on April's block before the weekend and the DBQ challenge. Will post pictures when I get them done.