01 April 2009

April Fools Day

Congratulations to all who have completed their March blocks. I am sorry to say that I haven't even started my March block, except to dig out a pile of green fabrics to be cut and sewn. Then I got interrupted by church rummage sale, moving my daughter into her first apartment, hosting visiting relatives, caring for my parents and life in general... and of course, J.O.B. work. I believe I'm caught up for now and hope to get it done, as well as start on April's block before the weekend and the DBQ challenge. Will post pictures when I get them done.


Narelle said...

I have strips cut for the rest of February and all the strips cut ready for March.
All I need now is the time to sew, I'll get there.

madakamom said...

Hey Narelle, you are half way there! Sewing the strip goes quickly once cut!

I got the DBQ quilt challenge completed this weekend, but not cutting my march strips.

I have a pile of 8 quilts to start on for customers and several more in the mail on the way. I know I know... lots of excuses... more action needed instead! LOL!