27 April 2009

I started a new challenge

I was working on my Calendar Quilt Challenge 2009 with strips and was half way March, but somehow it didn't feel good to me anymore.

Then I saw the 365 Challenge Quilt on Annelies' and Leanne's blog and her tutorial. Here are the fabrics that I chose for my new challenge:

and here are the first five days. This quilt somehow means more to me!

I'm glad Rachel still let me join in (O:

Have a lovely week full of happiness and sunshine!



rachel griffith said...

oh i love this idea.


Carrie P. said...

Great idea. Love your fabrics and have fun. Such a great way to record life as it happens

Deanna said...

a journal quilt! what a wonderful idea!


maisy and the boys said...

Good on you for starting the 365 journal quilt I completed my journal entries in May 2008 and it is still sitting there waiting till I can work out how to finish it off. I loved doing it and incorporated stitcheries and applique too!
Good luck.