02 April 2009

Mar Cal Chall March actually DID get finished in March, after a way late (March 25!) start.

My January block is really long (comparatively), so I wanted to stack February on top of March and have them emd up the close to the same length as January. Well, after I got going with February, I didn't have a lot of extra space!!

I got all 31 days in March by getting inventive with itty bitty free-form HSTs (half-square triangles). Fortunately, there were only two days that needed writing.

April's going to be a big long one like January. I haven't decided on the color scheme yet. So far all of the fabrics in the blocks are from my scrap bag. Hmmm... I wonder if I can come up with 30 yellows???


Narelle said...

Loving the flowers!

rachel griffith said...

LOVE this.
SUPER cute.