13 May 2009

Waving to everyone!

Waving Waving WAVING!!!!!!!!!!! Can you see me wave???

You are All doing SUCH a wonderful job keeping up.... I look at the blog all the time to see your progress.

The other day I got back MY Calendar quilt. It's been gone about a year or more..first to do the book then it stays at the publisher to travel to the trade shows.

Tomorrow I head out to Pittsburgh to the quilt trade show.. will be looking at novelty prints... maybe find something FUN for the Death By Quilting games! Maybe for me!!

Keep up the FABULOUS work of getting your project done each month.. It will be SO WORTH IT when you finish!

ps - don't forget I have a free alphabet if you want to put words on your quilt.. maybe a quote in the border?

pat sloan

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Carrie P. said...

Have fun.