31 May 2009

I'm mortified

I hate to admit it, but the pile you see above is the first 22 days of April.  I had a rush job to make a queen size quilt fast at the beginning of April, and then the pre-op appointments for my mom's hip replacement started up.  Life just got too crazy after that!

Hopefully, now that mom's in rehab for a few weeks, I can maybe get myself caught up.  Or not, since I'll be driving up to visit her often and then going on vacation myself while I don't have to watch her 24 hours a day.  

Oh, the shame!  I've become a procrastinator!  (Or, at least a put-it-off-until-later-er...)


Carrie P. said...

Well life happens. Just go with the flow.

madakamom said...

I only have a pile of scraps to be cut for April... since the new grandbaby arrived I haven't done anything on this Oh well. I'll get caught up sooner or later