03 September 2009

*insert crickets chirping*

*insert crickets chirping*

so how is everyone doing on their challenge???
inquring minds want to know!!!

everyone give us an update!!!
even if you are still on march's block!!!

also...for our no blogger team members:
check out sew many pieces.
if you have thought about creating a blog but didn't want the hassle,
or thought you might not write enough to make it worthwhile,
then you are welcome to join them.
you don't have to know anything at all about blogging, they'll help you out!!!
they are taking new members,
just send them an e-mail if you would like to join the group!!!
email: projectwisdomkeepers{at}yahoo{dot}com


lisa said...

I "follow" you on ps i quilt and was bored one day, clicked on your little button and now am one of your "cheerleaders" I just wanted to let you know you inspired me and next year I will be working on one of these quilts. I am starting to set aside some fabrics and cuttign my strips, dreaming of it. Sure I could start it now and go Sept-Aug but with it becoming 2010..I think that's cool! I will wait and finish some of my other random projects first =) Thank you! and Good Luck!!

Carrie P. said...

Well, I am behind but have some strips on my design wall. I am done through April. I know pitiful but I have been thinking about working on it soon.

Narelle said...

August's strips are hanging on my board waiting to be joined, maybe this weekend.
I'm thoroughly enjoying the process and look forward to seeing what others are up to.

Joy McD said...

Hello Rachel... I'm sorry, I have to admit defeat on this challenge... I haven't even finished January!!! I have been contemplating catching up (hahahahahahahahhhaa) but I think it is beyond me now.... :( Maybe next year?!

rachel griffith said...

no sweat ladies.

i give you full credit for thinking & contemplating about it though.