20 September 2009

Hi from Pat Sloan!!

Hi all you FABULOUS Calendar Quilt makers!!!

I just added a section for Calendar Quilt chatter at my forum. Come on over and keep each other motivated. You can subscribe to that topic so you get an email whenever anyone posts. A great way to ask for fabrics, suggestions on how to keep going.. etc.

I must tell you, as I hope this helps someone, the FIRST time (yes FIRST TIME) I tried to do this I only did 6 months.

So it's ok.. it's ok if you are not up to date as we can get you back on track.. OR.. you can continue right into next year.

Here is my BIGGEST suggestion. START OVER TODAY.. DO TODAY, not yesterday, not July, but today.. go forward. And you will be motivated to fill in the gaps.. which may happen in Jan or Feb or March.. but you can do it!

Here is the direct link to the topic at my forum QuiltMashup. Register, then sign in to post.. see you there!!

16 September 2009

August Finished

It's a little hard to see, but on the yellow strip at the top is embroidered the month of August.
Fabrics from my scraps and some fat 1/4's i've finally cut into.

I've now joined Jan, Feb, March in one long strip and April, May, June into another long strip. Of course July is above August. Now to start thinking about sashings, borders etc, hmmmmm. I'm looking forward to having this quilt top done.

It's exciting seeing how others are putting their months together also.

08 September 2009

03 September 2009

*insert crickets chirping*

*insert crickets chirping*

so how is everyone doing on their challenge???
inquring minds want to know!!!

everyone give us an update!!!
even if you are still on march's block!!!

also...for our no blogger team members:
check out sew many pieces.
if you have thought about creating a blog but didn't want the hassle,
or thought you might not write enough to make it worthwhile,
then you are welcome to join them.
you don't have to know anything at all about blogging, they'll help you out!!!
they are taking new members,
just send them an e-mail if you would like to join the group!!!
email: projectwisdomkeepers{at}yahoo{dot}com